21 Years old. Born in Germany. People Oriented. Confident. Visionary.


I have experience in team management, front end and back end, as well as a variety of programs.

Front-end Development
Back-end Development
Team Management
Graphic and video design


Check out my portfolio for examples of work.
Able to effectively use a large range of equipment to take whatever type of photography is needed.
Able to use a large variety of cameras and able to get video projects done from start to finish.
Able to create eye capturing design for graphics, websites, videos and much more.
Well versed in cybersecurity threats and social media defenses.
Eperiences in social media marketing and basic online advertisements.
Java, Python, HTML, CSS.
Search engine optimization for small businesses or even online services.
Customer Service
Capable of communicating effectively with any number of clients. Time lines are held to.
Completed Websites
Completed Videos
Audience Reached
Happy clients (so far)

About Me

Currently a student in Management Information Systems. I have found success in website development and led my high-school's web team for 2 years. Worked freelance with my company Koellmann.co for 4 years. Multiple job experiences under my belt in finance, project management and SAP systems. I love when things work and even more when they look nice doing so.

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Mark Koellmann
Founder of Koellmann.co